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   A native of Boone, North Carolina, I have pursued art for most of my life.  I started with pen and ink drawings in high school and tried painting, but nothing stuck until I discovered the three-dimensional world of sculpture.  I am primarily a self-taught sculptor with Constantin Brancusi, Geiger, and Henry Moore among my influences.

   The world is full of the "unused", whether these are things, ideas, or people.  As an artist I make sculptures which try to reflect a balance among them.  I explore the transformation of recycled and found objects into new exciting sculptures.


   Typewriter parts, discarded wood, and rusty horseshoes are among the materials that I utilize in my body of work.  My sculptures are striking in their elegance, with simple yet powerful lines.  The subject matter offers subtle statements that often seem tied to humanitarian concepts, including the problem with how waste is impacting our environment.

Richard Foley


  1. "Art should not only be aesthetically pleasing, it should also make a statement and stimulate conversation. Sculpture created from recycled materials accomplishes both." - Theaster Gates

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